When you want to use an excuse

When you want to use an excuse

Also you can use the preterite indefinido and the imperfect when you want to give an excuse from something. Let’s see an example so that we can understand what we are talking about.

La mama le pregunta a Juan ¿Por qué faltaste a clase hoy? La maestra me llamo.  (the mom asks Juan,Why didn’t you go to school today?

  • Porque tenía que ayudar a una amigo en un problema personal. (Because I wanted to help a friend with a personal problema)
  • Porque me fui a jugar con mis amigos. (Because I went to play with my friends)
  • Porque no tenía ganas de ir.  (Because I didn’t feel like going)
  • Porque me salí con mi novia. (Because I went out with my girlfriend)


The conclusion here is that when the answer is a situation you use the imperfect and when it is an action you use the preterite (indefinido)


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