The Spanish conditional perfect of “Hay”

The conditional perfect form Hay/there is, there are is habría habido there would have been.

Let’s see some examples:

Habría habido una tormenta, pero no paso nada/ There would have been a storm but nothing happened.

Habría habido una gran fiesta, pero nadie asistió/ There would have been a big party, but nobody showed up.

The idiomatic expression of  the “potencial compuesto” hay que/ one must,  is habría habido que / it would have been necessary to.

Veamos un ejemplo:

Habria habido que ir a Argentina/ It would have been necessary to go to Argentina.

The conditional perfect tense is  often follow by the preposition “pero”,

Let’s see an example:

Habría habido que ir al colegio, pero Nick estaba enfermo/ It would have been necessary to go to school, but Nick was sick

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