The past subjunctive: regular -ar verbs

Subjunctive in Spanish – Grammar


There are there things that you have to take in account to form the past subjunctive:

  • Regular -ar verbs
  1. replace the -ar with -ara;
  2. replace the -ar with -ara;
  3. the stressed syllable always falls on the first a of the ending.

You have to remember very well the preterite (regular and irregular verbs) for this topic, but do not worry about the imperfect though.

The last point above means that in the written form, the three-syllable nosotros form is -áramos with a written accent on the first a. The ending doesn’t need a written accent in the other persons, but in terms of pronunciation, the stressed syllable is always that with the first a of the past subjunctive ending: (que) preguntaras(que) tomarais etc.

Let’ s see an example:


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