Stem-Changing verbs (u….ue)

Stem-Changing verbs (u….ue)

The irregular verbs change their stem in all the forms except for nosotros/as/we and vosotros/as/you forms. Additionally, remember that it is always the last vowel in the stem (what is left after you remove the infinitive marker (-ar-er-ir) that has a vowel change.

There is only one Spanish verb that has the change u —> ue. That verb is jugar  that means to play (a game), this is whey it is important just to remember it.

Jugar/To play (any game)

Subject Pronoun

Verb Form
(click on each word to hear pronunciation)


(yo) jueg o I play, I am playing, I do play
(tu) jueg as you (fam. sg.) play, you are playing, you do play
(el, ella, Ud.) jueg a he, she, you (pol. pi.) play(s), he, she, you is/are playing,
he, she, you does/do play
(nosotros/-as) jug amos we play, we are playing, we do play
(vosotros/-as) jug ais you (fam. pi.) play, you are playing, you do play
(ellos/-as, Uds.) jueg an they, you (pol. pi.) play, they, you are playing, they, you
do play
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