Spanish Subjunctive: Spelling changing verbs

Spelling changing verbs

Verbs that end in car, gar and zar

All the verbs that end in – car, -gar, or -zar will  still use the endings and rules explained HERE in order to create the Spanish present subjunctive, however, to preserve the correct pronunciation of that letter, it will change the spelling of the letter that precedes the subjunctive ending. You learned about a similar spelling change in the preterit tense and present indicative, that the spelling change affects only the yo form, however, inn the present subjunctive, the spelling change occurs in all forms.

Present subjunctive of – ar verbs

The endings do not change on these type of verbs. The endings are still the same like in the chart bellow, what changes is the following:

  • -car verbs: c to qu
  • -gar verbs: g to gu
  • -zar verbs: z to c


In order to see some example please click HERE


[table id=12 /]

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