Spanish Subjunctive Mood level B1

The subjunctive always Works with an structure before you add the subjunctive. This is why we study the situations that we use the subjunctive and its previous structure. Besides if you know in what situation you can use it, you will also be able to use it by yourself.

We do agree with Cervantes Institute Studies where the focus more in the communicative needs that in the grammar. In this section we focus more on the level B1 (or called humbral according to MCRE)

Content and situations we need to know in this level according to the MCRE
Sentences that expresses wish (deseo). Structure Verb + que + subjuntivo. Good wishes. Que + subjuntivo. Senteces with “ojalá”
Purpose of something or Invitation to do something (Para que + Te apetece (parece) + Present Subjunctive)
Needs or behaviour influence (VERBO + QUE + SUBJUNTIVO)
.Obligatio: Petitions, orders. Verbo+ que + subjunctive
Sentences that express possibility. Structure ver ser + estar + parecer + adjective + que + subjunctive
.Temporal Sentences. Verbo + antes/ sentences. Verbo + antes/después de que + subjuntivo


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