Spanish Subjunctive Mood B2 level

We already have said that the subjunctive always works with an structure before you add the subjunctive. This is why we study the situations that we use the subjunctive and its previous structure. Besides if you know in what situation you can use it, you will also be able to use it by yourself.

In this chapter we are going to see expressions and structures dedicated to the B2 level or Avanzado, according to MRE

B2 Advanced - Subjunctive in Spanish
No compromiso del hablante con la verdad: No parece + subjuntivo.
New Information: Lo+adjetivo+es que+subjuntivo
Afirmation: Assertive verbs+ que + indicative/subjunctive
Mandatos (commands): verbo Assertive verbs+ que + subjuntivo
Negation or Afirmation of a proposal/ Negacion de una proposicion: No + ser/estar + adjetivo + que + subjuntivo
Subjunctive in Adjective Clauses with unknown precedent
Temporal adverbial clauses denoting hypothetical future events
Cláusulas concesivas de probabilidad or concessive clauses of probability
Conditionals with past simple subjunctive and preterit complex subjunctive (Condicionales con pretéritos simple y compuesto de subjuntivo)
Independent sentences like quizas maybe