Spanish preterite – totally irregular

The Preterit of Ir / to go and Ser / to be

The preterit of the verbs ir / to go and ser / to be are conjugated in the same way. You will also note that the first and third persons singular are different from the irregular preterit patterns noted above. I will provide conjugations of both verbs here. You will need context to distinguish the meaning.

Ir / to go

Persona Verb conjugatedmeaning
yofui I went
tufuisteyou went
el/ellafuehe/she went
ustedfue you (formal) went
ustedes fueron you guys went
nosotros fuimos we went
ellos/ellas fueron they went

Ser / to be

Person Verb conjugatedmeaning
yofuiI was
tufuisteyou were
el/ellafuehe/she was
ustedfueyou were
ustedes fueronyou guys were
nosotros fuimoswe were
ellos fueronthey were