Spanish preposition “Mediante y Durante”

Spanish preposition “Mediante y Durante”

Spanish preposition “Durante”

The Spanish preposition “Durante” means durinng, with a timeframe or event following. Let’s see some examples where you can use the Spanish preposition “Durante”.

  • Durante la manana/tarde/noche…. During the morning, afternoon, night
  • Durante su vida……...During his life
  • Durante la guerra……....During the war
  • Durante el ano …………...During the year
  • Durante la dictadura….….During the dictatorship

The paradigm of prepositions are also the words in and through, from participles in the present. Their inclusion in the group of prepositions is that comply with all the features of prepositions. Examples:
Durante la guerra (during the war – the war)
Mediante tu ayuda (with your help – with your help)

Spanish preposition “Mediante”

Mediante= With  = By


Way (by): Mediante estas reglas, lograremos mejores resultados. (By these rules, we will achieve better results.)

With: Mediante tu ayuda (with your help – with your help)

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