Spanish preposition “Ante”

Spanish preposition “Ante”

The Spanish preposition “ante” is not used before a verb like the preposition “a”. It means before or in front of.

Uses with before or in front of

Spanish  preposition”Ante”  is related to  places, locations or phisical position. Generally the question is Where? For example:

Donde está el auto? (Where is the car?)

Está ante tus ojos  (It is before your eyes)

Donde está tu gato? (Where is your cat?)

Está ante la ventana (It is in front of the window)

Do not confuse “antes de” with ante.

“Ante” (Before or in front of) never goes before a verb.

Context and uses

Situation: Estaba ante mi. (He was before me)

Regarding to: Ante lo que dice Carlos, me callo. (Faced with what it says Carlos, I’ll shut up)

Preference: Ante nada, Maria (Firs of all, Maria)

Other expressions…

a)  ante los ojos … … before one’s eyes …
b) ante ustedes … … before y’all …
c) ante todo … … above all, before all else …
d) ante la clase … … in front of the class …
e) ante el tribunal … … before the court …
f) ante el pelotón de fusilamiento … … before a firing squad …


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