Spanish placement test

Has to have a human, to explain how it works to test their Spanish. And which level they should start. It is personal.

It should be divided in levels because in that way we can redirect the resources, maybe not the events and the games, if we use testlegends wont be necessary because you can google the topic.


–          A clear idea. Education about the strategy of teaching so they are motived and know how to self-study with our guidance. Nobody knows Rosetta Stone how it works it is not simple, when it gets complicated nobody gets the concept. Everybody aks? Does Rosetta works nobody knows?]

–          I feel that my free trials where I educate people about this they know what they are getting into. There is a study that I am reading about this, if they do not methodology and they feel lost and disappointed. We can set references so we do not get sue.

It will be divided in the timing that it is good to teach, not to keep them stuck with the system, the important is the results that we achieve and they achieve SPEAKING, get people speak Spanish and the rest it will speak by itself.


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