Spanish learning style

Education on yourself to learn a language

– Do you want to talk and you do not care if you have a mistkae

– You want to control every single word and get you stuck to speak

– You study study but cannot speak
– Advice on understanding the behavior of the Learning a language is a lot about getting to know your personality, the thing we can do is tell you by a test if you are more auditive kinetic or visual. Unfortunately there are some sklills that you will need to acquire with the other ones that you do not feel comfortable. The great things in life come when you get out of your comfort zone, falling in love, traveling, study something new, taking a test, accepting a challenging job, everybody has to get out of the comfort zone if we want to achieve something even children, or buying a house. Ironically, when you get out of your comfort zone in languages you get to the next level.
Like speaking if you are shy, you will have to start maybe online and then meet someone. Also if you want to control everything in your life probably you do it with languages. That is why is fun you get to know yourself. I realized that I was better in a bar environment, or with girlfriends, or finding someone that I won t feel judged.

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