Spanish language exchange

A Spanish language exchange could be a website or an app where you can meet a Spanish native speaker either in person or online. How does it work a Spanish exchange work? If your native tongue is English you can help the Spanish speaker with their English and they will help you in Spanish. This is why most of the platforms that helps you find people are free.  The ones that I am going to share in here are all free.

How to meet people to speak Spanish in your own city?

There is a popular website called that is fascinating because you can find different opportunities to go to restaurants, coffee places or event dance place to practice your Spanish with native speakers. Depending on the city you can find people to exchange English, German or any other language for Spanish. This happens in cities where the tourism is big like Ney York, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, etc. Some other cities like Chicago, which doesn’t have so much international tourism you can find Spanish native people looking to make new friends. Actually I organize one in Chicago called Spanish Events in Chicago where people meet to talk Spanish like many other events in Chicago. This website is on many countries in the world, therefore everybody has the opportunity.

How to Speak Spanish online?

Not everybody lives in a big city or has the time to attend to these events. Therefore there are options online, where you can exchange your native tongue for Spanish.

Most of my students use Spanish language exchange and they met real nice people and also received a lot of requests. When you enter, you can sign up for free like when you create an email. Then pick a language partner that speaks Spanish and chose your native tongue, and you will be in contact with many people and you can share your Skype username, or facetime.

Here are other options:

Language Exchange

My language exchange

Language for exchange

These are websites but also exist apps, where you can do the same thing:

  • Tandem
  • HelloTalk

I will keep you posted with a Spanish article next time!

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