Spanish irregular verbs that change everything

Spanish irregular verbs that change absolutely everything

These verbs you have to study by heart they do not make sense at all…

Oír: (to hear)

In this case the first person “yo” changes completely, and the rest as well but the reason is to have a better pronunciation. For example, it difficult to pronounce clearly Tu oIEs , el oie, ellos oien, this is why we change all of those verbs that have IE together to Y.

Let’s see bellow:

Yo oigo
Tu Oyes
El Oye
Nosotros Oímos
Ellos/as Oyen

Can you see that all the verbs that we see here that have IE together it changes to Y ?

Ir: (to go)

Since it is very difficult to conjugate  Ir, you have just have to conjugate if the verb were var (which do not exist), it is just a little help, except for the first form that you have to learn by heart.

Yo voy
Tu vas
El va
Nosotros vamos
Ellos/as van

Can you see that is like conjugating an invented ver VAR? If it is not easy for you that way, just learn it by heart.

Ser (to be)

The conjugation of this verb changes in every person. I would recommend to study it by heart.

Yo Soy I am
Tu Eres You are
Usted Es You are
El/ella Es He/she is
Nosotros Somos We are
Ustedes Son You all are
Ellos/Ellas Son They are


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