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Spanish pronunciation practice online

When you do not have your Spanish teacher next to you, how do you practice Spanish pronunciation?

Well this is the idea of this section. After every class I always send my students to practice at home pronunciation of every, I repeat every topic that we see. There is a very true phrase that it says “…Practice makes perfect…”. This is why practicing pronunciation a little bit every day or at least two times a week you can reach a nice level of fluency faster.

As a Spanish teacher I recommend to good sources:

  • To practice Spanish pronunciation of every word:

Yahoo Education: It works better for my Students because it has a neutral accent this dictionary.

Free dictionary: This one it works as well, but it has a Spanish (from Spain) accent. You can see that the  S they pronounce it as Z or (zeta in Spanish)

  • To practice Spanish Alphabet:

Spanish Alphabet: It has a neutral accent



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