Spanish Books

Easy Spanish Books to read

Books to read and practice vocabulary and the language

Cuentos cortos para leer en Español : “Sopa de pollo para el alma de las parejas”. There are short and easy stories to read, there are real inspiring stories from people that wrote a letter to the publishing company and they became part of a book. There are some sad stories, and some stories that are very nice.

El Arte de Amar: Excellent stories about different way to love someone and what actually love implies. Very nice book.

Books to prepare for an exam

The Chronomet – Preparacion manual for DELE (Intermediate): If you want to prepare the exam DELE “Diplomas en español como lengua extranjera”, it is like a TOEFL but in Spanish, wordly recognized. This is the book for intermediate level.

Products that you can buy to read your Spanish Books

Ebook reader: In order to read all the spanish books that you want in one device

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