Salutations (Opening of a Spanish letter)

How to write a formal letter in Spanish

1) We can  start a salutation with the abbreviation of Señora, Señor y Señorita (Sra. Sr.  Srta.) and the last name of the person

In Spanish is always colon : (dos puntos) for the salutation. When you use only Sr. or Sra or Srta. in order to start a salutation you always have to put the last name, it doesn’t sound formal Sr. Martín

Sr. Gomez:

Srta. or Sra. Gomez:

We can also start a salutation with the profession:

In Spanish for doctors  (Médicos) or lawyers (Abogados)  or someone that has a Phd. (doctorado) the abbreviation is:

Dr. Fernandez :

For people that study a profession reltated to a Bachelor’s degree like Buesiness Administration, Journalist, etc. we call them Licenciado o Licenciada

Then abbreviation

Lic. Mara Fernandez


Lic. Fernandez

Lic. Alberto Gomez

Even women or man are called Lic.

2) Other ways

Estimado and the last name

Querido (better if it is an acquaintance or someone you know)

You can combine them with Estimado Sr. Gomez, or Estimado Martin Gomez, if you avoid a name always avoid the first name.

Estimado/Querido Dr. Gonzalez

Estimado/Querido Gonzalez

Estimado/Querido Marcelo Gonzalez


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