No parece que + subjuntivo

Subjunctive in Spanish

Mode: No speaker’s commitment to the truth – No compromiso del hablante con la verdad


Sentences which support three choices: infinitive / indicative / subjunctive

a. No parece que es profesor (It doesn’t seem that he is a teacher)

With the indicative you commit with the truth like you  give a high bet that he is not a professor

In this one you are saying that you don’t think that he is the professor, but affirming that you don’t trust him and  you don’t think he is a professor and he doesn’t seem one.

No parece que sea (subjunctive) professor (It doesn’t seem that he is a teacher)

With the subjunctive you do not commit with the truth like you  give a very low bet that he is not a professor, only in his appearance, it less stronger than the indicative.

In the second one, we are not saying if we trust him if he is or not a professor, you are not judging if he studied or not to be a professor, you are just saying that he doesn’t seem one.

cNo parece ser profesor (He doesn’t seem to be the teacher)

ContentINFORMACIÓN SOBRE UN HECHO REAL – Information about a real fact

ContentNO COMPROMISO CON LA VERDAD – No commitment with the truth

The double selection is the process whereby a verb selects two different modes (indicative and subjunctive), behaving in a restructuring semantic content of the main verb. Indeed, with the subjunctive are not reporting the truth of the subordinate clause, but on their appearance. With the indicative we are committed to the veracity of the two sentences: their appearance and their profession.



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