Mandatos: Assertive verbs + que + subjuntivo.

Subjunctive in Spanish uses


Definition of Assertive verbs HERE

Mandatos directos (direct commands)

A peculiarity of the subjunctive is that it can be expressed in simple sentences which present only one subject. Always used in complex sentences with one or more subordinate clauses. In the case of so-called direct commands (Haga la tarea!), Textbooks would have you believe students are using the subjunctive. This is somewhat true but not quite. It really uses the imperative. So always students are told that you only use the conjugation with usted o ustedes.This conjugation is shared by both verb conjugations, but it really is the “imperative” that is being used since it does not need a main clause to be expressed.

Mandatos indirectos (indirect commands)

On the other hand, in the so called indirect commands  (commandos indirectos) yes we use the subjunctive and we can speak in this case  about the implicit sentence “Yo quiero“. For example:

Yo quiero….

  • Que hagan la tarea.
    I want you to do your homework
  • Que laves los platos.
    I want you to do wash the dishes
  • Que tu miréis (vos mires) el cielo.
    I want you to see the sky


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