Irregular preterit Pattern 1

Learn the irregular preterit stem to which you add the Pattern-1  irregular preterit endings.  They are listed below:

andar / to walk —> anduv

estar / to be —* estuv

tener / to have —* tuv

caber I to fit —* cup

saber/to know — sup

hacer / to do, to make —* hic (hiz- in third person singular)

querer / to want —* quis

venir / to come —> vin-

poder / can, to be able – pud

poner / to put, to place —> pus

2. Add the following irregular preterit tense endings to the irregular stems listed above. You will note that there are no written accents on these endings.


[table id=75 /]

3.  This would be the result:


[table id=76 /]

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