Independent sentences like “quizas” maybe

Independent clauses and not subordinated

Use 1

We cannot assure if the person that wish of the person is going to become true or not

¡Maldito seas! Dios te oiga; (I hope God listens to you)

descanse en paz; (when someone dies we say rest in peace, but we don’t know if it is in peace or not)

Dios lo tenga en su gloria (I hope that God have him in his glory

hágase tu voluntad (I hope that your will be done)


* Structure – Estructura: (Subject -SUJETO-) + SUBJUNTIVO + (COMPLEMENTO – complement-)

Así se caiga y se rompa una pierna. (Even if you fall and break a leg).

In this use this use has been relegated to negative exclamations of hope that something bad happens to a person.

If you compare it with “Así, se cayó y se rompió una pierna” Like this, he fell and he broke his leg

Where it is evident in this example that the action was carried out and the adverb thus takes on an entirely different meaning. In contrast, in the subjunctive is necessary the nuance of desire.

Structure – Estructura: ASÍ  + INDICATIVO

Content Contenido: HECHO REAL (Real fact)

Structure – Estructura: ASÍ + SUBJUNTIVO

Content – Contenido: QUE SUCEDA ALGO NEGATIVO (that happens something negative)

Quizás puedas ayudarme. (Maybe you can help me)


Therefore there is less probability that you can help me


Quizás puedes ayudarme. (You might be able to  help me)

There is more probability that you can help me

The semantic content in both sentences is the same, varying only slightly the degree of involvement with the veracity of the speaker, with probability.

¡Me encanta esta pollera/falda! Quizá s me la compre mañana. (I love this skirt, maybe I will buy it tomorrow)

¡Me encanta esta pollera/falda! Quizás me la compro mañana. (I love this skirt, I may buy it tomorrow)

The adverb perhaps indicative or subjunctive support depending on the degree of probability that the speaker made ​​to the implementation of the action

Other examples:

1) Probablemente viajo a Florida por vacaciones.


Content – Contenido: MAYOR SEGURIDAD (more security)

2) Probablemente viaje a Florida por vacaciones


Content- Contenido: MAYOR INSEGURIDAD – more insecurity about the realization of the verb

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