Spanish Subjunctive Regular Verbs

Present Subjunctive Tense for Regular Verbs

Like in the Present indicative, a regular verb is when the stem does not change, well here we have the same.  Use the same set of subjunctives endings, that we have seen before HERE

In the regular verbs, first you drop the o  in the YO form of the present indicative and then,  in verbs that end in “er”  and “ir” the endings change to “a”, and in the verbs that end in “ar” change to “e”

Let’s see some examples:

Beber/to drink

Subject Pronoun Verb form Meaning
Yo beb+a I eat, I am drinking, I may drink
Tu beb +as You ( drink(s), he, she, you is/are drinking
El/ella/Usted beb +a We drink, we are drinking, we drink
Nosotros beb +amos You (fam. Pl) drink, you are drinking, you may drink
Ellos/ellas/Ustedes beb +an They, you (pol. Pl) drink, they, you are drinking, you may drink.

Cantar/to sing

Subject Pronoun Verb form Meaning
Yo cant+e I sing, I am singing, I may sing
Tu cant +es You ( sing(s), he, she, you is/are singing
El/ella/Usted cant +e We sing, we are singing, we sing
Nosotros cant+emos You (fam. Pl) sing, you are drinking, you may singing
Ellos/ellas/Ustedes cant+en They, you (pol. Pl) sing they, you are singing, you may sing.

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