Estructura Verbo ser, estar, parecer + adjetivo + que + subjuntivo.

Subjunctive in Spanish


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The verb of the subordinate clause may appear in the infinitive or subjunctive. The direct object pronoun already provides the information of the number and person of the subject of the subordinate (I: first person singular), hence that can be dispensed of
the conjugated verb.


“It is possible to renew the contract”

Es posible renovar el contrato. Ser + verb in infinitive. It doesn’t use the infinitive.

Use of the subjunctive

It has to be with the adjective/noun:

“It is possible that our contract will be renewed”

Es posible que nos renueven el contrato. This sentence use the structure Ser + adjective (posible) + que + subjuntivo

Other example…

Parece que llueve (it seems to be raining and it is raining)/ parece que llueva (it seems to be raining, but believe it or not it isn’t raining)



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