Emotional state

Emotional state: current mood, how you are feeling emotionally now

Your emotional state or mood refers to how you feel right now; it is when you talk to you friends how do you feel that day, like tired, bored, hungry, ungry, etc. Or what you express in you therapy session or in Church. The point is that is a state “estar”, you are not always bored, or tired or hungry (or I hope so), that is why is temporal is a state. If you are “litterately” bored or you are a boring person then you will have to use “ser”. But let’s see some examples about this temporal state:

Juan esta aburrido (Juan is bored, but temporaly bored)   Juan es aburrido ( he is a boring person)

Sear and Estar


Marcos esta feliz (right now or within a period, but sometimes he is sad as well)  Marcos es una persona feliz (means  that he is a person with a good mood, and always looks happy)

Sear and Estar

Alejandro esta hambriento (means that he is hungry right now because he hasn’t eaten yet) Alejandro es un hambriento (is not a polite way to say it, but means he is poor he is always hungry)

Estar and ser

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