Definition and Characteristics

Spanish Prepositions

Prepositions constitute kind of closed word. The Spanish prepositions are:  are a closed word class. The Spanish prepositions are: a, ante, bajo, con, contra, de, desde,  en, entre, hacia, hasta,  para, por, según, sin, sobre , tras, durante y mediante.



  • The words are unstressed. (Except “según”)
  • These words are unchanged (not have endings)
  • They can never act with syntactic autonomy



Its function is to associate words with syntactic autonomy to liaise between them.

The relation established is always subordinate or dependent, the preposition is attached to a word or a group of words that form a prepositional construction that complements a previous word:

For example:

  • Depende de tus amigos (It depends on your friends)
  • El libro de tus hijos (The book of their children)
  • ése de ahí (that guy from there)
  • alguno de vosotros (some of us)
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