Conjugation of ser and estar

Conjugation of ser and estar

Source: Practice Makes Perfect: Spanish Vocabulary (Practice Makes Perfect Series) by Dorothy Devney Richmond

Below you have listed the conjugations of the verbs “to be” in English and Spanish. Be careful with the accent marks, they are crucial for the verb estar

Try to memorized them when you read them.

Yo soyI am Yo estoyI am
Tu eres you (informal) areTu estasyou (informal) are
él/ella eshe/she is él/ella esta he/she is
nosotros/as somoswe arenosotros/as estamoswe are
ellos/ellas sonthey areellos/ellas estanthey are
ustedes son you (formal) areustedes estanyou (formal) are

Perhaps you can already see why the “am” in “I am tired” would come from estar, while the “am” in “I am Greek” would come from ser.