Complementary activities

Also to all my students I say what we do is not enough. This is where the resources come. It has to have something that you do outside either a mobile classroom or real one. Social component. Has to have a possibility for them to meet natives, this is where comes to practice oraly or concept where you can talk on Skype with someone in Mexico. Still I feel you have to give them the option to do groups, and go to their local event. I can talk about this better about the concept of Spanglish later. Apply Spanish to a real person.


Resources to do outside the core lesson:

  • Practice what you saw in class with a native speaker

Something like

OR face to face in your city

  • Additionally vocabulary

  1. Do it for each level A1:
  • Study extra vocabulary: Just vocabulary do not try to build sentence for now.

Brainstorm in English or your native language all the words that are part of your life and divide them by:

Verbs: work out, eat,


What? Nouns related to them: Chicken, veggies,

Where? Restaurant, house,

How? friends, husband,


Then Google the image, and the translation will appear later


  1. You can find songs that you really like in Spanish and translate them in order to get emotionaly connected with it and then sign it in the shower or wherever you want

–          Spotifiy

–          Youtube


  1. Finally extras watch movies that you already watch in English, watch then in Spanish. Your all time favorites Netflex has to improve that but maybe we can get a cut  for the referals.
  2. Listen to podcasts or radio, even if you do not understand anything in the shower, airport, just as background music. I used to do that with npr everyday when  I was at work doing boring tasks and just in the backgroung help so much my listening skills

BBC mundo en espanol

Top best 100 podcasts in Spanish

Radio ambulante – I remmend this when you have some level because they have so interesting stories

News slow in Spanish


If you are or not a beginner at the beginning you are going to feel overwhelmed, but pick the most sexy accent and just listen to eat even if at the beginning you do not understand anything get used to the accent, in the shower, car, airplane while you sleep, when you are doing some boring work. Do not try to control every single word.


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