Cláusulas concesivas de probabilidad

Concessive clauses probability –

Subjunctive in Spanish

In order to understand how we use the subjunctive in this case, we have to understand what “Cláusulas concesivas” means or even in English “Concessive clauses”.

I found a very nice definition in in Spanish and I would like to share it in English.

Click on oración concesiva or Concessive clauses definition

In concessive sentences use the subjunctive with conjunctions and phrases: aunque, a pesar de que, por más que,

For example:

Aunque no sepa cantar, me gusta hacerlo en la ducha

A pesar de que mi amiga no le guste ir a bailar, ella siempre me acompaña.

Por mas que no te guste, tenes que ir a trabajar.



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