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Spanish Regular Verbs. The first knowledge you need to have is how to conjugate the verbs, in order to be able to express yourself in a future.

How to use verbs in conversations

How to use Spanish verbs in conversations In order to learn how to use the Spanish present tense verbs in a conversation, you have to get familiar with the most common verbs and how to use them in context. As … Continue reading

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Verb HAY

Hay has only one form in the present tense. The verb “hay” means there is or there are. It meaning depends on the noun that follows. It is used to call attention to the presence or existence or something. The … Continue reading

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Spanish present indicative uses

Spanish present tense uses Uses and Features The present indicative is used in everyday conversation to refer to actions, events, and ideas that imply that present situation or some permanent or habitual situations. In Sanish the same tense can be … Continue reading

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