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Expressions in order to close an informal letter Con cariño, Besos, Con amor, (if it is your best friend or a good friend) Un abrazo, (if it is an informal relation, but if  it is a close friend it is  a little bit cold) Te quiere, (if it is a friend or boyfriend or girlfriend) Saludos, (if it is your coworker or an adult your are talking about that you…

Letter body expressions

How to write an informal Spanish letter Letter body expressions Estoy muy contento que vengas a visitarme unos días a California ¿Cómo está tu familia? Te escribo para invitarte a mi fiesta de cumpleaños Te escribo para desearte ¡Feliz cumpleaños! Hace mucho que no hablamos/ que no te veo Gracias por la gracias por la carta que me enviaste

After the salutation

How to write an informal Spanish letter Source HERE ¡Fue un placer conocerte! – It was nice meeting you! Only the first time that you write after you first meet her/his ¿Cómo estás? // ¿Cómo te va? // ¿Cómo te ha ido? – How are you? // How´s it going for you? // How´s it been going for you? ¿Qué hay de nuevo? / ¿Qué me cuentas de ti? – What´s new? /…

Salutation expressions

Salutations Let’ see some expressions: Hola Juana: Querido Tomas: Querida Garbriela: Mi querido amigo: (more on old people, my father would start like this) Queridísima prima: (more on old people, my father would start like this) Apreciado Antonio: ¡Hola, Marina!

Informal letters/emails

How to write a Spanish an informal letter The great part about an informal letter is that the structure is more flexible than the formal structure . Some people do not add the date, but if you are taking an exam you have to do it, but if you don’t put it for a friend I don’t think he would mind. Buenos Aires, 6 de marzo de 2012 Hola Juan:…

Positions in a company in Spanish

This is useful to know when it comes the time to write a formal letter Manager of Human Resources: Gerente de Recursos Humanos Mananger of Finances: Gerente de Finanzas Administrative Assistant: Asistente Administrativa President of the company: Presidente de Google  Argentina Business Analyst: Analista de negocios Budget analyst: Analista de presupuesto Business Performance Analyst: Analista de Control de gestión

Closing a Spanish formal letter

This is on the very end of the letter 1) It ends with a conclusion that serves as a summary of the letter and / or encouragement. “Quedo a su disposición ante cualquier consulta…” (I remain at your disposal for any inquiry) 2) And the you close it definetely with .. The regular ones are: Atentamente, Saludos, Other: Saludos cordiales, Respetuosamente, Se despide cordialmente, 3) Examples of these two endings combined: Atentamente, Rita Gimenez Contadora

Salutations (Opening of a Spanish letter)

How to write a formal letter in Spanish 1) We can  start a salutation with the abbreviation of Señora, Señor y Señorita (Sra. Sr.  Srta.) and the last name of the person In Spanish is always colon : (dos puntos) for the salutation. When you use only Sr. or Sra or Srta. in order to start a salutation you always have to put the last name, it doesn’t sound formal Sr. Martín…

Abbreviations that you can use in the letters

Spanish Abbreviations Sra. ___________  Señora (that means she is married) Srta. ___________Señorita  (she is not married) If you don’t know Sra. if  you know she is young Srta. Sr. __________ Señor (Always señor for guys) These abbreviations can be used in 1, 2 and 3 in this graphic showed above in the link Spanish formal letter Read the folowing with the Spanish formal letter graphic on the link please…so that you can understand what…

Content of the letter

Formal Spanish letters – Parts of the letter in the inside The content would depend of what do you want to say of course, but I can give you some guidelines in order to help you to write one. 1) The introduction usually refers to previous correspondence, thank the recipient and / or indicate the reason for writing. Expressions: “Tengo el agrado de dirigirme a usted con el motivo de …. ”  (very common) “Me contacto con usted para…