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How to use verbs in conversations

How to use Spanish verbs in conversations In order to learn how to use the Spanish present tense verbs in a conversation, you have to get familiar with the most common verbs and how to use them in context. As … Continue reading

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How to apply questions from grammar in a conversation

Important Questions for A1 & A2 Beginners What’s new? What have you been doing lately? Useful Expressions for Present Progressive a lot, less, more, a lot more, not much Qué hay de nuevo? Qué estas (hacer-to do)  haciendo últimamente? Expresiones para estudiar … Continue reading

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Spanish language exchange

A Spanish language exchange could be a website or an app where you can meet a Spanish native speaker either in person or online. How does it work a Spanish exchange work? If your native tongue is English you can … Continue reading

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Complementary activities

Also to all my students I say what we do is not enough. This is where the resources come. It has to have something that you do outside either a mobile classroom or real one. Social component. Has to have … Continue reading

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Spanish course online

Study plan Core course per CEFR ‘s level: A B C Prize Icing to the cake is prices if you achive so many point like related to langauges or fun. 50% off a trip if we make deals with travel … Continue reading

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Spanish placement test

Has to have a human, to explain how it works to test their Spanish. And which level they should start. It is personal. It should be divided in levels because in that way we can redirect the resources, maybe not … Continue reading

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Spanish learning style

Education on yourself to learn a language – Do you want to talk and you do not care if you have a mistkae – You want to control every single word and get you stuck to speak – You study … Continue reading

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Skleton LALC Online

Spanish learning style Spanish placement test Spanish course online   Complementary activities  

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Spanish Imperfect tense

The Spanish Imperfect tense beyond other uses (that we will see later) , the preterite imperfect it is used to describe habits, customs and circumstances en a moment from the past. The preterite imperfect is equivalent to the Present (habitual) but referred to … Continue reading

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b) Atone pronouns (pronombres átonos)

Definición: The atonic personal pronouns function as complemento directo orindirecto (direct or indirect object), or as part of the verbos pronominales(verbs with an obligatory atonic pronoun). Ex: maquillarse (to put on makeup), él se afeita (he shaves). These pronouns are enclíticos when the ‘se’ comes … Continue reading

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