Abbreviations that you can use in the letters

Spanish Abbreviations

Sra. ___________  Señora (that means she is married)

Srta. ___________Señorita  (she is not married)

If you don’t know Sra. if  you know she is young Srta.

Sr. __________ Señor (Always señor for guys)

These abbreviations can be used in 1, 2 and 3 in this graphic showed above in the link Spanish formal letter

Read the folowing with the Spanish formal letter graphic on the link please…so that you can understand what I am talking below.

In number 1 you don’t have to, you just can put the name like in the example or Srta. Margarita Perez

In number 2 you don’t have to as well, but in this case we decided to write Srta. Mara Bogado Poisson

In numer 3, at the salutation you can write