a) Tonic (pronombres tonicos)


The tonic pronouns are those that can function as:

  • Sujeto (subject): yo vengo (I come), tú comes (you eat), él canta (he sings), nosotros dormimos (we sleep), ellas juegan (they [fem] play)
  • Atributo (attribute): mis padres son ellos (my parents are those)
  • Complemento preposicional (prepositional complement): mi tía viene conmigo (my aunt’s coming with me)


Tonics personal pronouns are those that can function as a subject (TU sabrás) and attribute (Los culpables son ellos) or as a term of preposition (Mi hermano vendra con nosotros.) Below is a table with forms:

Type of Tonic verbs:

1) No prepositional

2) Prepositionals

1)  No prepositional (Non Prepositional)

yo como
tú comes
él , ella , ello
nosotros , nosotras
vosotros , vosotras
ellos , ellas

All the persons mentioned above can be used as a subject of the sentence. Remember the subject is the one who ejecute the action.

2) Preposicionales (prepositionals)

All these pronouns work by adding a preposition to them. For example (por ejemplo):


Prepositional pronoun

Definition Prepositional pronoun


Me consigo Oneself
conmigo With me Nosotras/os us
ti you Ellos, ellas Them
contigo With you itself
él, ella, ello, He, she, it


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