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Spanish Lessons
Useful information in order to understand better the language
Spanish numbers
Spanish Sentence Structure (prepositions, pronouns, adverbs, adjectives, etc)
Spanish g rules
Perifasis verbales
How to write a letter in Spanish
Spanish vocabulary per theme
Lesson 1: The Basics
Lesson 2: Spanish present progressive (ing)
Lesson 4: Spanish Future Tense
Lesson 3: Spanish Present Tense
Lesson 4: Spanish Gustar-type verbs
Lesson 5: Spanish Past Tense
Ser and Estar
Spanish "se"
Use of the verbs of "Interesarse"
Lesson 6: Spanish Conditionals
Lesson 7: Spanish Subjunctive Mood



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  1. Oral Skills:
    >> 2 hours a month with a teacher online or via phone to help you practice your speaking abilities.
  2. Communication Skills:
    >> You will receive a biweekly video that includes a mock conversation between native speakers.
  3. Listening Skills:
    >> You will receive a weekly podcasts about history, travel and culture, or Latin American News.
    >> You will also receive an audio featuring useful questions and expressions that you can use to practice with your language partner or teacher.
  4. Grammer Skills:
    >> You will receive a weekly exam to help you test your skills.
  5. Vocabulary Skills:
    >> You will receive new vocabulary words weekly about different themes.



We are still working on the lessons…….. (We always are  😉 )


Spanish Online Resources uses the Latin American pronunciation since it has more countries involved. Anyways, if you know Latin American pronunciation, you would be able to figure out the Spanish (from Spain) pronunciation.